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Win Limited Editions

What are they?

Limited Editions are particularly rare and valuable Snuffles that are difficult to obtain. They are limited in terms of population, so that there can only be a limited number of them in existence ever. They can be traded just like all Snuffles. Those who own Limited Edition Snuffles tend to display them in pride of place!

There are two different ways to obtain Limited Edition Snuffles. Both methods are described in full below.

Snuffles Items in Second Life

Spirit Generator

Some varieties of Limited Edition Snuffles can be won from the Spirit Generator machine.

Simply save up enough Spirit Points and Gold and get there to claim your Limited Edition before it reaches the population limit. Better be quick though!

Snuffles Items in Second Life


Some varieties of Limited Edition Snuffles can be bred just like normal Snuffles.

However, you'll have to obtain specific breeding pairs, often with one or more partner being a Limited Edition itself! Not an easy feat, but if you succeed you'll end up with something quite special!