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Snuffle Spirit Generator

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The Snuffle Spirit Generator can be found at the Snuffles Headquarters. Once a player has enough Spirit Points and Crafting Gold they may be able to claim a Limited Edition Snuffle using it!

It doesn't matter how rare or common they are, just how much they love each other - which is always a lot!

Limited Edition Snuffles from the Spirit Generator are limited to one of each type per player. Once the population limit for each Limited Edition Snuffle has been reached the generator will change to a new Limited Edition Snuffle and the previous one will then only be available through player trading.


Cash in Spirit Points and Crafting Gold to claim a Limited Edition Snuffle.

Snuffles Items in Second Life
Snuffles Items in Second Life

Earning Spirit Points

Spirit Points are earned by liberating Snuffles.

Once you earn enough Spirit Points you can cash them in at the Spirit Generator to get your Limited Edition Snuffle. Don't worry though, if you don't get enough in time you can always save them up and use them next time!

Snuffles Items in Second Life

Earning Crafting Gold

You can easily earn Crafting Gold by liberating Snuffles that you no longer wish to care for. This can be done by clicking on their burrows and selecting to liberate them using the menu.

However, there's plenty of other ways to Earn Crafting Gold by playing the Goldtokens Gaming Network games & releasing duplicate Snuffles!