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Snuffles Update History

You can quickly update your Snuffles to the latest version by visiting the Snuffles Headquarters and clicking on the Updater Machine to get a new Nest or Stump. Then re-burrow your Snuffles to update them to the latest script versions!

Update Beta-8

Unlock LE's using Spirit Points

  • - Spirit points are gained by breeding. Exchange Spirit Points and Gold Tokens for a LE at the Snuffles HQ. Touch the Snuffles Spirit Generator to get your special LE!

Bug fixes

  • - Some important bug fixes such as enabling Snuffles to be unfrozen after they are frozen.

Update Beta-6

Web Market

  • - Snuffles will now have a fully functioning web market. Players can set their burrows for sale and have them listed on the site. Other players will then be able to see that they are for sale from the website and buy them inworld using their tree, or alternatively using the burrows themselves. This update is a hugely important step because it will make the trading of Snuffles much easier and provide a reference point for price growth.
  • - See an example of a Snuffle for sale here and also here - be sure to scroll down and check out the Sell Orders!

Usability Fixes

  • - Snuffle Burrows will now include the Snuffle's name in their name slot, so they can be easily identified (and filtered) from a person's inventory. For example "Snuffle Burrow - Alama".
  • - Snuffles were making too much noise for owners with lots of Snuffles. The amount of noise they make has been reduced.

Bug fixes

  • - In update B5 the Snuffle clocks were upgraded to use the system clock instead. This brought the complete accuracy to clocks that players had asked for, regardless of sim lag or rollbacks. However, because of the scale of the changes it also let a few bugs creep in that upset some players:
  • - Snuffles would advance a poo cycle while in their owners inventory (pooing on rez). This gave a perception that they were "eating while in inventory". This has now been fixed so that Snuffles will not advance any time in their poo cycle while in the inventory.
  • - Additionally, Snuffles did not apply the multiplier that was set until they did their next poo. This did not result in any lost food but was annoying and confusing for owners. This has now been fixed so multipliers are now applied immediately.

Update Beta-5 (Deployed)

Timer fixes

  • - Snuffles will now use the system clock, which will ensure that breed timers work far more reliably regardless of sim lag. In fact they will even keep time accurately if your sim restarts.

Update hovertext stats without re-burrow

  • - New 'Web Profile' button from Snuffle menu also updates the Snuffle's hovertext to the latest information. No more having to re-burrow to update hovertext.

Web accounts coming soon!!

  • - Players will notice a new "Account" button on their Nests. This will give them passwords to the soon to be released back-end system.
  • - The backend will allow players to easily manage their Snuffles List, post buy and sell orders and set prices for specific Snuffles.
  • - Players will be able to search easily and find sell orders for Snuffles they need. If they can't find what they need they can set a buy order.
  • - Those are our initial ideas but so much more will be included!

Menu improvements

  • - Re-roll will have a yes/no confirmation menu to prevent burrows from being accidentally burned up.
  • - Tree commands menu moved to far right where players expect it to be. Button positions have been a bit better thought out for usability.
  • - Re-burrow using the Snuffle's own menu with no extra work typing in names. Burrow is now always sent to the player's primary tree.
  • - Quick and easy access to a Snuffles web profile. New 'Web Profile' button from Snuffle menu gives player link to the Snuffle's profile in local chat.
  • - Old clunky Snuffle Analyse feature replaced by the online web matchmaking system. Analyse for burrow rerolls will remain.

Pathfinding improvements

  • - There was a bug in version B4 that would cause Snuffles to invariably stop moving regardless of whether navmesh was correct. This has been fixed.

Update Beta-4 (Deployed)

Food bug fix

  • - Reburrowing will now refund food back to a player's account.
  • - Deleting (using Snuffle menu, not just deleting the prim) will now refund food back to a player's account.
  • - Becoming lifepet will now refund food back to player's account.
  • - Becoming ghost will now refund food back to player's account.

Higher rarities produce more resources

  • - A new special rarity multiplier is applied based on rarity.
  • - Rarity multiplier takes effect ON TOP of basic multiplier setting.

New analyse feature - Snuffle Lab tests!

  • - Check the odds of successful burrow re-rolls empirically before you do so.
  • - Check the odds of higher rarities and gender for your breeding pairs beforehand.

Recall bug fix

  • - Recall actually works as it should now by teleport snuffles from all over the sim to the tree.
  • - Recall has a Yes/No confirm button to prevent accidental recall.

Ghost texture bug fix

  • - The faces were not rendering properly leading to some player confusion. This has now been fixed.
  • - When an owner touches a ghost it will now tell them that it is one and tell them what to do to fix it.

Hovertext bug fix

  • - Non-owners could not view hovertext on touch. Now they can.