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Snuffle Breeding

Quick Start Guide

Breeding Snuffles can be done in a few simple steps, described below:

Step 1 - Select your male

Click your male to bring up the hovertext. Click it again to bring up the Snuffle Menu. Select Breed. You'll have 10 minutes to select a partner for them to breed with.

Step 2 - Select your female

Click your female to bring up the hovertext. Click it again to bring up the Snuffle Menu. Select Breed.

Step 3 - Collect your Burrow

After a short wait you should see a new Burrow appear underneath your Snuffle Tree. This contains your new Baby Snuffle!

Snuffles have a minimum breeding age of 100 Snuffle Years and maximum breeding age of 1200 Snuffle Years, although you can always start their lifecycle again using the re-burrow feature. You'll know a Snuffle is ready to breed because it will start to emit hearts, although it will also tell you how long you have to wait in the hovertext.

Once they reach their minimum breeding age they will breed approximately every 20 Snuffle Years, which is about 1 Human Day.

Choosing the right breeding partner

Snuffles hardly ever produce good results if you breed them randomly.

To get the best results from your Snuffles you'll need to find out what breeding partners are compatible with them. You can find this out by exploring the Possible Snuffles and doing some research.

Breeding Snuffles is a very skillful game that requires players to make challenging decisions about what breeding route to take.

Step 1 - Look up your Snuffle

Visit the Possible Snuffles and find the way to your Snuffle you want to breed.

Step 2 - Find viable partners

Visit the Snuffle's Details Page and find out what the required breeding partners are.

At this stage you'll have to make some decisions about what partner to breed with.

Step 3 - Do you have the partner yet?

Check in your Snuffles horde to see if you have the right partner to breed with.

Otherwise you might have to trade with other players to obtain it.