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The Strategic Market Powered Breedable.

Snuffles Breedables in Second Life

Strange Origins.

Snuffles are magical creatures known to roam secretly amongst the wilderness in the many forests of the Second Life grid. Born with a pure heart they are at one with the natural forces that strive once more to resume the grid back to its natural state, before the days when it was invaded by humans.

When tamed into captivity Snuffles prove to be loyal and loving pets. Often Snuffles grow very attached to their owners!

Genetic Breeding.

Breeders work hard to study the genetic nature of their breeding process and uncover the secrets of new appearances. Such achievements make for an amazing trading opportunity for a keen-eyed breeder to make their fortune. For it is only through trade that rich and varied genetics can be exchanged and new secrets uncovered.

Snuffles has an advanced genetic breeding system that simulates the real exchange of dominant and recessive genes seen in nature. Snuffles allows for an almost unlimited range of skins and body part shapes, with more being unlocked regularly by the creators.


Breeders are be able to gain experience points and trade burrows with other breeders for profit. Snuffles is purposefully designed to support a strong secondary market. Better hurry up - there are fortunes to be made!

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