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StarshineAdores's Profile

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Snuffles: 44

Total Achievement Points (40/2060)

First Discoverer Achievements (4/1045)

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StarshineAdores's Sales

Here's a list of StarshineAdores's 30 most recent sales. To see their entire sales history you can Download a CSV file.

2020-05-04 07:10:50 Jerez4Me Resident12407 358844 50L$ View Snuffle
2014-04-06 16:31:45 Laydee Boucher3359 121174 40L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:49:51 Jerez4Me Resident2293 131505 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:42:53 Jerez4Me Resident2292 116346 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:41:11 Jerez4Me Resident2291 131506 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:40:18 Jerez4Me Resident2290 131503 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:39:19 Jerez4Me Resident2289 121035 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:38:26 Jerez4Me Resident2288 102715 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:37:40 Jerez4Me Resident2287 131502 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:36:50 Jerez4Me Resident2286 131501 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-11-08 05:36:00 Jerez4Me Resident2285 131504 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-10-02 15:05:28 Jerez4Me Resident2013 121382 95L$ View Snuffle
2013-09-18 17:00:31 Jerez4Me Resident1940 67241 428L$ View Snuffle
2013-09-18 16:57:04 Jerez4Me Resident1939 9230 475L$ View Snuffle
2013-09-08 23:11:15 Jerez4Me Resident1812 13703 181L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-22 23:12:54 Jerez4Me Resident513 13697 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-17 05:46:24 dayz Short474 9227 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-17 05:44:26 dayz Short473 13699 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-13 17:15:04 Jerez4Me Resident445 70023 95L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-13 17:13:45 Jerez4Me Resident444 22160 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-13 17:13:22 Jerez4Me Resident443 63411 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-12 20:20:49 Jerez4Me Resident436 56182 95L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-12 20:19:42 Jerez4Me Resident435 69338 95L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-12 20:05:34 Jerez4Me Resident434 9369 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-12 20:05:04 Jerez4Me Resident433 8013 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-12 20:03:41 Jerez4Me Resident432 13695 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-12 20:03:14 Jerez4Me Resident431 13947 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-11 23:10:55 MyMasterr Resident420 58158 48L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-09 18:28:53 Brietje Munro399 23281 95L$ View Snuffle
2013-03-09 18:27:53 Brietje Munro398 62629 95L$ View Snuffle

StarshineAdores's Achievements

"Snuffle King" (40/1045)

Obtain all available Snuffles.

"Unlimited" (0/5)

Obtain all rare Snuffles.

"Pioneer" (4/1045)

Discover as many Snuffles as you can.

Rare Snuffle Achievements

"Zephyr Magician" (0/5)

Obtain all varieties of Zephyr, except the Blue Zephyr.

StarshineAdores's Snuffles List

Here's a list of up to 500 of StarshineAdores's Snuffles. Use the filter tool below or Download a CSV file to see the full list.

Snuffle NameSnuffle IDGenderSale Status
116340608Rhett Male BrownBrownMakiboAkironNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
116341605Scarlett Female BrownGreenMakiboAkironNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
359584578Oarmoo Female WhiteBlueZataroAkironNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
354986561Juliet Female WhiteGreenZataroKakaraNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
354985545Romeo Male WhiteGreenAkironKakaraNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
358842469Merlin Male GreyBrownEmergingZiggyShortWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
359955469Wezai Female GreyBrownEmergingZiggyShortWell Fed Alive 1,000L$View Snuffle
116342460Uther Male BlackGreenNoneZiggyShortWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
358843456Nimue Female GreyGreenNoneZiggyShortWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
71191446Horatio Male WhiteGreyZiggyEvolvingShortWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
70738424Balthazar Male GreyGreenEvolvingEvolvingShortWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
88615390Olive Female GreyGreyNoneEvolvingShortWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
102715319Hercules Male WhiteBlueZiggyNoneShortWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70736296Tranio Male GreyGreenEvolvingNoneShortWell Fed Burrow 600L$View Snuffle
71199285Sunie Male WhiteBrownEmergingNoneShortWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70052272Bassanio Male WhiteGreenNoneNoneShortWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
83342271Sally Female WhiteBlueNoneNoneShortWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
71011247Kato Male GreyBlueZiggyZiggyNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
71044207Xaviera Female WhiteBlueNoneZiggyNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70609168Roderigo Male GreyGreenEvolvingEvolvingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
71004166Dorothea Female GreyGreyEvolvingEvolvingNoneWell Fed Burrow 300L$View Snuffle
71079142Earlene Female WhiteGreyNoneEvolvingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
71013136Mackenzie Female GreyGreenNoneEvolvingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70972120Prospero Male GreyGreenZiggyEmergingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70975103Alexis Female GreyBlueEvolvingEmergingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
7102588Quentin Male GreyGreenEmergingEmergingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
36306573Tilaita Female BlackBrownNoneEmergingNoneWell Fed Alive 99L$View Snuffle
7415548Victoria Female WhiteGreenEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
7158147Helena Female WhiteBlueEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
7101640Natalie Female GreyGreenEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
36012531Zara Female WhiteBlueEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
24673415Bathsheba Female WhiteBlueNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
30264815David Male WhiteBlueNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
3591009Starter Female Female BlackBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
3591069Starter Male Male BlackBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
3591059Boy Male BlackBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
3591019Girl Female BlackBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle