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Snuffles: 59

Total Achievement Points (28/2060)

First Discoverer Achievements (0/1044)

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RoseAngelEve's Sales

Here's a list of RoseAngelEve's 30 most recent sales.

2022-01-17 10:05:39 Bogatyeishii Resident41139 411859 200L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-17 10:05:23 Bogatyeishii Resident41138 399853 200L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-17 10:05:03 Bogatyeishii Resident41137 407737 200L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-17 10:04:47 Bogatyeishii Resident41136 411092 200L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-17 10:04:11 Bogatyeishii Resident41135 409132 200L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-17 10:03:50 Bogatyeishii Resident41134 411860 200L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-17 09:52:11 Bogatyeishii Resident41129 72598 200L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-13 21:13:08 Eden1x Resident40771 413011 20L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-25 02:42:42 Sakura Gellner22274 416264 120L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-15 17:35:53 B2 Short21104 412981 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-07 22:06:17 B2 Short20477 409128 9L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-07 22:06:08 B2 Short20476 408156 9L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-07 22:06:00 B2 Short20475 408332 9L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-07 01:00:27 B2 Short20325 408409 30L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-07 01:00:15 B2 Short20324 409875 30L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-07 00:59:31 B2 Short20320 408342 30L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-07 00:59:20 B2 Short20319 407642 30L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-06 10:45:11 loverlyloves Resident20274 409876 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-06 10:44:18 loverlyloves Resident20273 409810 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-06 10:44:08 loverlyloves Resident20272 409805 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-06 10:43:54 loverlyloves Resident20271 409813 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-06 10:43:42 loverlyloves Resident20270 409794 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-06 02:58:02 B2 Short20222 408749 14L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-06 02:57:45 B2 Short20220 407736 14L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-05 18:23:47 boenkerop Resident20160 407287 30L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-05 00:23:25 Mocca Viper19858 409136 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-05 00:23:15 Mocca Viper19857 409126 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-05 00:23:06 Mocca Viper19856 409130 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-05 00:22:57 Mocca Viper19855 409133 3L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-05 00:22:48 Mocca Viper19854 409135 3L$ View Snuffle

RoseAngelEve's Achievements

"Snuffle King" (28/1044)

Obtain all available Snuffles.

"Unlimited" (0/5)

Obtain all rare Snuffles.

"Pioneer" (0/1044)

Discover as many Snuffles as you can.

Rare Snuffle Achievements

"Zephyr Magician" (0/5)

Obtain all varieties of Zephyr, except the Blue Zephyr.

RoseAngelEve's Snuffles List

Here's a list of up to 2500 of RoseAngelEve's Snuffles.

343718145CEASER Male BrownBrownEmergingEvolvingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
413969145WERLOOBA Female BrownBrownEmergingEvolvingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41173289ALPHERA Female BlackBrownEmergingEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
37140389JAYEEM Male BlackBrownEmergingEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
40831581SULIN Male BrownBrownEmergingEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
36424181FESMOSE Female BrownBrownEmergingEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
7859079WOLLY Male WhiteBlueNoneEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41397179RERPERA Female WhiteBlueNoneEmergingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
31889377Letth Male WhiteBrownNoneEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41377277Verloela Female WhiteBrownNoneEmergingNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
36567874OYLER Male BlackGreyNoneEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41077774XEAZON Female BlackGreyNoneEmergingNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41371059MUARNOE Male BlackBlueZiggyNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41107259SEESEY Female BlackBlueZiggyNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41132844RARE Male BlackGreenEvolvingNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41397044XILODEZ Female BlackGreenEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41369341PEDEXIA Female BlackBrownEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
40839241KARLTIN Male BlackBrownEvolvingNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
40175539UOMO Male GreyBlueEvolvingNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
40729939OILOOBA Female GreyBlueEvolvingNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
8283030Gouter Male WhiteGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
41355830Dooees Female WhiteGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
41397429PEDNIE Male WhiteBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41292029BA Female WhiteBrownEmergingNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41250329Aalzee Female WhiteBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 85L$View Snuffle
40790325Linure Male BlackBrownEmergingNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41396825Kilobai Female BlackBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
40001123CUAROBO Male GreyBlueEmergingNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
40876223Jemoe Male GreyBlueEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
41369223KETIE Female GreyBlueEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
42108217Xaris Male BrownBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41396717Uerey Female BrownBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
40764316MELANY PRICELESS Female WhiteGreenNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
31515116UINMOS PRICELESS Male WhiteGreenNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41396615DANA Female WhiteBlueNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
42108315Aouox Male WhiteBlueNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41132315Eerpoo Female WhiteBlueNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
42108014Luoup Male WhiteGreyNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
42108114Merpplera Female WhiteGreyNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41368313MISSY JOLENE Female WhiteBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41396513MR JOEY Male WhiteBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41377012YINLERA Female BlackGreenNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
40395412JUAROH Male BlackGreenNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41280111GERLAROD Male BlackBlueNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41397211XEYOBA Female BlackBlueNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
41286210VESURE Male BlackGreyNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
41357810WALLY Female BlackGreyNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4073069RUITH Male BlackBrownNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4073019YUOES Female BlackBrownNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4072837TERLOOH Male GreyBlueNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4072847XEES Female GreyBlueNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4139736NILAEY Female GreyGreyNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
4114396FANMOO Male GreyGreyNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4098005SARS Female GreyBrownNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4084715XUOOBOY Male GreyBrownNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4136892AESNIE Male BrownGreyNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
4049982Iyola Female BrownGreyNoneNoneNoneGhost Alive View Snuffle
4136901Dilarp Male BrownBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
4137711Purty Gal Female BrownBrownNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle