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Snuffles: 43

Total Achievement Points (29/2060)

First Discoverer Achievements (1/1079)

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JL Zinner's Sales

Here's a list of JL Zinner's 30 most recent sales.

2023-04-29 06:08:05 Sophina Starchild50308 706699 5L$ View Snuffle
2023-04-29 06:07:36 Sophina Starchild50307 706698 5L$ View Snuffle
2023-04-12 23:54:42 boenkerop Resident50125 703896 5L$ View Snuffle
2023-04-12 17:24:59 boenkerop Resident50101 687229 5L$ View Snuffle
2023-03-27 10:04:41 boenkerop Resident49840 699545 4L$ View Snuffle
2023-03-24 06:58:54 boenkerop Resident49569 704957 3L$ View Snuffle
2023-03-08 15:28:26 loverlyloves Resident49470 701437 3L$ View Snuffle
2023-03-08 15:18:20 loverlyloves Resident49459 699897 5L$ View Snuffle
2023-02-27 21:10:30 loverlyloves Resident49379 701148 3L$ View Snuffle
2022-03-19 18:48:33 Reterik Resident44398 300786 150L$ View Snuffle
2022-02-27 03:40:55 JustNStore Resident43986 314043 100L$ View Snuffle
2022-02-09 04:03:06 Eden1x Resident43020 315457 50L$ View Snuffle
2022-02-09 04:01:27 Eden1x Resident43016 314918 50L$ View Snuffle
2022-02-09 04:01:07 Eden1x Resident43015 316397 50L$ View Snuffle
2022-02-09 03:58:13 Eden1x Resident43014 311994 50L$ View Snuffle
2022-01-20 19:01:27 B2 Short41301 325413 399L$ View Snuffle
2021-09-24 15:10:33 Butterf1y1234 Resident32748 314512 30L$ View Snuffle
2021-05-06 01:45:59 B2 Short23858 318989 400L$ View Snuffle
2021-04-19 05:18:52 Sakura Gellner21624 321046 30L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-23 16:37:43 B2 Short18241 302961 499L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-22 22:07:35 loverlyloves Resident18148 284549 199L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-21 20:14:24 B2 Short18076 357729 199L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-12 17:11:00 boenkerop Resident17054 317528 500L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-12 17:09:46 boenkerop Resident17052 357732 199L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-11 21:47:02 Zosmine Resident16985 317532 20L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-09 16:52:08 Mocca Viper16309 303652 18L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-09 16:51:32 Mocca Viper16307 303900 18L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-09 16:50:20 Mocca Viper16305 304840 17L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-09 16:48:23 Mocca Viper16299 306683 17L$ View Snuffle
2021-03-09 16:47:59 Mocca Viper16298 307321 17L$ View Snuffle

JL Zinner's Achievements

"Snuffle King" (29/1079)

Obtain all available Snuffles.

"Unlimited" (0/5)

Obtain all rare Snuffles.

"Pioneer" (1/1079)

Discover as many Snuffles as you can.

Rare Snuffle Achievements

"Zephyr Magician" (0/5)

Obtain all varieties of Zephyr, except the Blue Zephyr.

JL Zinner's Snuffles List

Here's a list of up to 5000 of JL Zinner's Snuffles.

7036011079Uarix Male StrawberryBlueStrawberryStrawberryNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
7083251079Viloder Male StrawberryBlueStrawberryStrawberryNoneWell Fed Alive 2,225L$View Snuffle
692990339Yespler Male BrownBlueEmergingEmergingShortWell Fed Alive 2,800L$View Snuffle
696302315Care Male BlackBlueZiggyNoneShortWell Fed Alive 4,032L$View Snuffle
711719138Xezai Female BlackGreyNoneEvolvingNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
711718138Eerde Male BlackGreyNoneEvolvingNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
71123283Zetple Male BrownBlueEmergingEmergingNoneWell Fed Alive 310L$View Snuffle
69719173Aoueem Male BlackBrownNoneEmergingNoneWell Fed Alive 269L$View Snuffle
69760072Ierloth Male GreyGreenNoneEmergingNoneWell Fed Alive 2,800L$View Snuffle
70439355Uuoerd Male GreyBlueZiggyNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 899L$View Snuffle
30852250Cester Male BrownGreyZiggyNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 448L$View Snuffle
56325950Eoonie Female BrownGreyZiggyNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
71017550Lesmo Male BrownGreyZiggyNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
70863949Uuo Male BrownBrownZiggyNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow 448L$View Snuffle
71474643Zzeer Female BlackBlueEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
71474543Serder Male BlackBlueEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
71474442Xouplea Female BlackGreyEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70329442Hareem Male BlackGreyEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 269L$View Snuffle
71474342Perloer Male BlackGreyEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70114441Berpo Male BlackBrownEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 310L$View Snuffle
71171639Cuarler Male GreyBlueEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
71171739Velde Female GreyBlueEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70885437Oerpde Male GreyBrownEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 432L$View Snuffle
71171534Aarplea Female BrownGreyEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow 403L$View Snuffle
71171434Curp Male BrownGreyEvolvingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
70199627Iuomoe Male BlackBlueEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 504L$View Snuffle
70200226Vero Male BlackGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 269L$View Snuffle
69827725Maloid Male BlackBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 202L$View Snuffle
70416925Xeyie Female BlackBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 205L$View Snuffle
28347024Ginrod Male GreyGreenEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 1,008L$View Snuffle
70669423Ciloelo Male GreyBlueEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 504L$View Snuffle
69989022Ealer Male GreyGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 208L$View Snuffle
69334421Qerler Male GreyBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 58L$View Snuffle
71171318Zilanie Male BrownGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
31230418Iilood Male BrownGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive View Snuffle
68352718Rourp Male BrownGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow 210L$View Snuffle
71171218Uilaplera Female BrownGreyEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow 202L$View Snuffle
30295717Zerlois Male BrownBrownEmergingNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 81L$View Snuffle
7117108Lil C Male GreyGreenNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
7117118Myzee Female GreyGreenNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Burrow View Snuffle
6912028Foie Male GreyGreenNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 190L$View Snuffle
6921828Ailooba Female GreyGreenNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 249L$View Snuffle
3208184Halees Female BrownGreenNoneNoneNoneWell Fed Alive 199L$View Snuffle